“To be a hero during an invisible war”-Amelia Potter

It is very easy, at this time, to miss the moments of humanity that continue among citizens during this extra-ordinary circumstance. With concern and anxiety filling our minds, it seems difficult to find a relief, or a story that’s heartening. Just recently, a news article did not contain the trauma and sadness of con-current articles, but expressed kindness and civil friendship, too easily unheard. These are the stories that should continued to be shared and acknowledged. 

Additionally, hearing from the first Brit diagnosed with the virus, post recovery, a message of compassion was shared as he encouraged individuals to unite and ‘work together’ during this time of chaos and social distancing. 

Individuals in London, super markets and ordinary citizens, are practicing such a message and are providing aid to the vulnerable, accessibility to the elderly and recognition of the loneliness that now exists within certain groups of society. 

For example, Caring Asiyah and Jawad Javed, who own a corner shop in London, have spent around £2,000 providing free packs of face masks, sanitiser and cleansing wipes to over-65s. They add that they were encouraged after they met, “..an old woman, crying as she had been to the supermarket and there was no hand wash.”

More of this compassion is shown as a therapist called Ruth Chaloner, now offers online clinics and communication to provide 15 minute sessions with the isolated and at risk. She believes that those in need are a generation who, “fought a war. But you can dodge bombs in the war – you can’t dodge this virus.”

She adds that her therapy sessions will be, “a practical and an emotional community service for those who are feeling isolated, scared and panicked.”

Another example therefore, of the surfacing of humility. The utility contained within these actions provides encouragement for others to be considerate in a time of uncertainty. Offering help, as healthy people are doing, is being done in many places, such as Cambridge and Wiltshire. In these locations, individuals are offering their services to help those in insolation. For example, Police cadet Josh James, who is 17, from South-West London, has set up a group of young volunteers, the Kingston Volunteer Taskforce, to offer as much support as they can to older people in his area. Additionally, a family business is providing deliveries of food, from volunteers to the self-isolated. A young boy in this family says, “I’m offering to drop off items around Cambridgeshire to make sure everyone has what they need.”

These small differences that these individuals are making, encourages whole communities to act and do the same, or similar. This is no doubt a time of sadness, uncertainty and fear, but it is also a time where compassion is needed more than ever. Generosity and the acknowledgment of our own privileges are two things that need to be advocated globally so that discomfort is minimised and resources are shared. These are the messages of our ‘British heroes’, who are offering their support during what has been called an ‘invisible war’. It must also be mentioned that the medical sector of our society, also should be an important focus of our thoughts during this time.  

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