House Shout Review – who’s your winner? – Daisy C

Well that was certainly a night to remember! Although the unisons were of varying qualities, the harmony standard was actually incredible. Props to all my fellow organisers (pupils and staff) that put hours into forcing the majority of their house to actually make some noise! Perhaps it was a different story for the less victorious houses, but for Hood (and also for Hawke by the sounds of it) the after party was just as fun as the main event.

My especial highlights (in no particular order) were the saxophone solo, the rockstar in Blake, Dennis and his amazing solo, Tom’s crazy arms and finally, Hood. Now, maybe I’m a little biased, after the many hours I spent choreography the masterpiece that was ‘Spice up Your Life’ and actually learning to compose the music sheet for ‘I’m Tired’ but I feel that its time for a pupil vote.

Here were the competition results. But should Hawke have won? Did Collingwood deserve their clear loss? and was Hood hard done by?

Who was your winner?


‘Blake was good- for year 7 they actually did really well’- Raleigh

‘They were all going for it- especially that little guy dancing his socks off. He was my fave’- Hood


‘Who should have won? Well we shouldn’t have’- Collingwood

‘Collingwood were the most entertaining’- Ralleigh

At least we came dead last’- Collingwood


‘Very lively, great energy, just a tad messy and off key!’- Wallis

‘Boys were stronger than the girls’- Hood


‘Can’t remember it’- Hood

‘Pretty solid’- St V


‘Good song choice, sounded nice but looked miserable’- Hood

‘The best, of course’- Howe



‘Our energy was unmatched though and we were the twitter feature’- Hood

‘Hood’s performance was good’-Hawke

‘Hood becuase they had lots of energy on stage, great choreography and it sounded good’- Drake


‘Hawke were the loudest and clearest’- Ralliegh

‘Their performance was very well organised that it was nice to look at’- Wallis’

Hawke were defo the strongest.’- Howe

‘Their slick presentation getting on and off stage was really good’- Howe


‘Their house harmony was the best though’- Teacher

‘Very smiley although clearly unchoreographed arm waving’- St V

‘Can’t remember that one’- Wallis


‘Insane from Scarlett- the guitarists clearly needed practice though!’- Hood

St V

‘St V were the next best’- Hood

‘Loved it’- Howe

So, after asking many year 12s for their opinion, its fair to say that the judges did not do a bad job. From the general pupil consensus it would have been…

9th- Collingwood (14)

8th- Cornwallis (16)

7th/6th- Howe/ Raleigh (17)

5th- Drake (18)

4th- Blake (19)

3rd- St V (20)

2nd- Hood (23)

1st- Hawke (24)

So well done to Hawke, you win again I guess (but only just) – I will humbly accept defeat but please be gracious in you victory!

A major congratulations to all the houses for putting on such a brilliant night.! Hawke seems to have risen from the underground to steal the success from Collingwood, who have clearly fallen from their former glory of their incredible ‘lion King’ performance last year. I am very aware that I have not recognised the efforts that went into House harmony but the variety of excellence from that competition was to much to simply compare.

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