Boarding house Christmas decorations – Amelia G

This week we’re giving an insight into rival houses’ Christmas decorations (minus Cornwallis who must have been too ashamed of their decorations to reply to my email)

Howe – starting off strong with their adorable elves, with a sneak peak into the festive day room 10/10

Hawke – going for the inflatable approach makes them stand out but the England shirt has lost all effect 6/10

Raleigh – this rather sad looking day room lacks much Christmas spirit. A poor show really. I won’t show you their tree for your own sake 5/10

Collingwood – very cosy, much better than Raleigh 8/10

Drake- beautiful tree, the LEDs give a nice atmosphere 8/10

St. V- surprisingly cosy, has a nice feel to it 9/10

Hood- nice decorations, good to see presents under the tree already but lacking the atmosphere of St. V 8.5/10

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