It is that time of the year, when yet again some awkward people claim that that Santa is not real. Honestly it surprises me how people could even think this, let alone try to convince others that he does not exist. What follows are arguments, and conclusive evidence that he is real.

Firstly, I have seen him. On multiple occasions I have come across him, in shopping centres, and of course at the RHS Christmas lunch when he gives out sweets to us all. You would have thought this would be conclusive evidence for most, however some claim that at the RHS lunch its just a member of staff dressed up, however I haven’t  seen any member of staff with a beard like that.

Secondly, who eats the mince pies, and who drinks the high-end champagne bottle you leave at the bottom of chimney? There’s no way anyone else is going to be drinking that champagne, as all my family are in bed, and it’s not just going to evaporate by itself. However, I do worry about Santa drinking and driving, but he must have built up a high tolerance at this point.

Thirdly, my family make me and my brother go to bed at 8 o’clock sharp so we are gone when Santa arrives, not sure why, however they seem pretty keen to get rid of us so must be a good reason, however it’s strange how the rest of the family are allowed to stay up.

Finally, there is no way my parents would go through the effort of buying and wrapping all those presents for all of us. They would have nowhere to hide them as my sister would have found them. Also, they would not have the time, my dad has a job and my mum teaches geography. So the chance of them faking Santa is pretty unlikely.

I hope all you non-believers have been reformed and somehow make your way off his naughty list, and if you still don’t believe in him, just like my mum when she told me in year 7 ‘he’s not real’, I want you to think about the conclusive evidence I have relayed.

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