What is my house stereotype? Old vs New – Izzy S

Reminiscing on my time at RHS, I thought about one of the first articles I read which was, What is my houses stereotype? It is fair to say that since I’ve joined and through Covid much of the persona of each house has changed a fair amount. This week, I have decided to do an updated version – What do these stereotypes look like in 2022?

Howe (previously Anson) 

Starting of strong with my old house. When I first joined in year 8, Anson was known as the chill, accepting house kept under the watchful eye of Mrs Du Toit. Never that much of a sporty house, however where we lacked success in typical areas such as sporting events we made up for in creative areas, we even had hammocks in our day room! Jobs were also unconventional, instead of in other houses where they were expected to take part in cleaning tasks we were instructed to read ‘chicken soup’ and go into the quotes room and copy a wall of positive, motivational quotes. 

In 2022 after a fair share of Housemistresses and a diall down on the colour pink, it’s fair to say asepcts have changed, I think elements of Howe are very similar in terms of the closeness of the year groups, Ada (matrons much loved dog) and the Anson merch. One change I have seen though now is success within sporting events such as winning the senior girls netball last year as well a 7’o clock being social central.


I think out of every boarding house, we all see Collingwood has the most distinct stereotype. BBQ’s, dinners, the colour green, rugby on the green and an immense amount of house spirit (almost cultlike). When I first joined, it was the house that won every boys competition and had a BBQ at every given opportunity. I dont think that this has changed much. 


When I first joined it was the boy’s flexi house.Loafers, curtain style hair and signet rings not to mention someone was always in a detention ,they were known to be slighting uncontrollable but had a lot of talent on the sports field. 

However now, with the new additions of having both year 8’s and girls I would say the stereotype has differed with the year group dynamics but Mr Cohen has remained and is known as ‘a cuddly penguin who the whole house adores’- Wallis pupil 2022.

In 2022, the girls encourage a new colour scheme and introduce some perfume- Grace G


Drake has gone through the biggest change since I’ve been here as it was originally a junior boarding house having the year above me (year 8) ,it then went through a massive refurbishment and half on Raleigh was moved in to make another day house. The girls are genuinely very sporty and sociable where as the boys keep mainly to themselves. In recent years, they have dominated Sports day.

I can’t give much perspective on Drake as I have only visited a few times as a boarder, however I have heard rumours about their absolutely lush tuck shop. 


All I can say that Hood has always been very competitive.  Winning the swimming gala 25 years straight (no pressure this year guys), the house shout and house drama. Where even the year 8’s were forced into participation for points. The diner was also a massive deal back then a distinct aspect of Hood. Also previous year 12’s in Hood took pranks seriously waking up everyone in the house in the early hours of the morning hiding alarms in each dorm and the memorable Hood and Anson sixth from swap where we were alarmed to find different Year 12’s in house taking meeting.

Today, there are still elements of competitiveness however this isn’t as strongly enforced as previous taking a more relaxed approach under Ms Skau. 


I think Hawke has mostly stayed the same. The Bannerman Trophy has always been top priority, Anson (now Howe) has previously broken there almost 5 year streak, including last speech day. Mr Gould is desperate to get it back and honestly… Saturday morning inspections are looking promising.

A previous pupil in Hawke has stated that when he first joined the house everyone was relatively quiet and generally achieved success in cross co due to the previous Housemasters love for everything running. In recent times I am told that there is more atmosphere in house and is very different to his first year. 


This was previously the only day house when I joined; before Wallis and Drake were established as Day houses. They were always the day house that were most successful in Sports day and were the day house equal to the competitiveness of Hood, however this title has now been passed onto Drake…

They are also known to have the wonderful Mrs Eales as matron.

An anonymous source suggests that Raleigh is in serious need of refurbishment however, they do have a fishtank . They are known as the loud day house as windows always are constantly being broken and there is always screaming.

St V

Generally known and remembered as the house who kept on breaking the windows in the DH with a football. St V boys are always playing football, at break, lunch , after school and after mess ( maybe even some frees). They have definelty mastered the South African accent under Mr Eales and can be see wearing the famous pink and blue ties and I couldn’t forget mentioning the famous bunny chow.

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