A Tree-mendous Guess- Jaz S

Merry Christmas, but it’s time for a fun little Christmas game! Guess which teacher owns which tree, and win a little prize!! All you have to do is fill out the form on the bubble email I know you love receiving and definitely do not click on in lessons. Tis the season to make some educated guesses and appreciate my tree puns…and some Christmas puns because I ran out of tree ones.

Tree 1– This tree clearly has some great animals on it, spruce-ing the living room up. Do they resemble the duality of man?

Tree 2– I deeply appreciate the Disney features on this tree. High quali-tree. Is that a trombone I see?

Tree 3– Me and this tree have chemis-tree

Tree 4– This person likes the tradition of putting their tree up on the last day of term- clearly doesn’t want to mix Christmas and school. That’s pine…definitely not offended. How rude-olph them. Are they oak-kay? (I’m on a roll here!)

Tree 5– Totally Tree-rific! They could branch out and get some more decorations. Bubble approved though.

Tree 6– This tree is gorgeous fir sure! Can I get a watt watt?

Tree 7. Two’s company, tree’s a crowd. This tree is really cute though.

Tree 8– Like this tree, this person sleighs outfits. Not relevant, but I love Percy the Pig- bonus points.

Tree 9Yule be sorry if you don’t get this one.

Tree 10– You can disco dance to some wrap music by Eminem or Elf-is Presley with this tree, maybe even Rockstar by Saint Nick-leback.

Tree 11- This tree is very nice. Why? Claus I said so!

Tree 12Birch, please. This is a good tree.

Tree 13– Don’t leaf me hanging, so fill out the form on the email! Don’r fir-get. This is the last tree!

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