“Do or do not there is no try” – Yeknaz T

This is my prefect speech from Monday where I delved into the topic of being challenged and challenging yourself in turn. I hope you enjoy it again…

I wanted to shine light on the concept and benefits of being challenged. In life, there are challenges that we all must face, but the real challenge is how we grow and learn from overcoming them. In the moments that you feel challenged or overwhelmed, always remember that challenges are a part and parcel of life. This means asking for help should not be the challenge but the solution to a challenging time, asking for help during a challenging time is a strength not a weakness as it gives you a better chance of overcoming it and at the end coming out stronger. 

Challenge is something we can all relate to, whether it’s from trying something new, or pushing yourself that extra bit to achieve to the best of your ability. That’s why it is important to challenge one another and challenge yourself. 

In order to achieve your goals, you need to work for it because there are no shortcuts to success in life, it will take a lot of hardships and challenges, in order for you to achieve these ambitions but we should always be ready to face these challenges, because with difficulty comes success. The challenges you face will serve as amplifiers for your success. Certain accomplishments wouldn’t feel as valuable if they were less challenging. 

Difficulties test the courage, patience, determination, and true character of an individual. Adversity and hardships make a person strong and ready to face the challenges of life with equanimity. Challenge is important to keep us on our toes and expand our way of thinking. 

Every day gives us a new challenge, a challenge that will test us and give us valuable lessons in life. Another aspect of challenge is to challenge the norms. Challenge the predicted grade you’ve been given and aim for the higher grade; challenge the set you’ve been put in and be the best in the class for your efforts. Challenge any metaphorical box you’re put in, whether it’s from yourself or someone else, there is no such thing as can’t. In the words of a famous movie character ‘Do or do not, there is no try’ this is important because as good as it is to challenge your abilities, effort is not to go unnoticed, challenge your previous efforts by working that bit harder, having that better attitude. 

Go about life taking challenges in your stride and embracing them, learn something new and bring about change.  I believe in you.


1 thought on ““Do or do not there is no try” – Yeknaz T

  • October 14, 2021 at 2:56 pm

    Yeknaz, I really enjoyed listening to your speech and I’m gald to ahve the oportunity to read it again. The movie character that is comes from is indeed wise.
    I have a challenge for you. That same character also said, ‘fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to sufferring’, I challenge you to write your next speech based on this quote.

    May the force be with you.

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