BRITS Wear or Tear – Jaz Skingle

Dua Lipa: 10/10 

Stunning! I am loving the Amy Winehouse vibes from this. The colour, the corset, the stockings are all right. I’m not a fan of Vivienne Westwood but the necklace works here. Dua looks incredible. Definitely a wear.

Taylor Swift: 6.5/10

It’s nice. The colour is beautiful and we love the sparkles, but we expect more. I think it’s the style and length of the skirt that’s not working. The Miu Miu two-piece does have great beading and craftsmanship though. I’d still wear it.

Maya Jama: 9/10

Super sophisticated and gorgeous. I love it! I just wish the jewels were not as big as I feel it looks a bit tacky/cheap. The shoes match perfectly though, so we love the simple chic. I’d wear.

Olivia Rodrigo: 2/10

Oh Dior, what happened here. I’m sorry it’s a tear, she looks like a neon tassel. The shoes are nice though. Tear it.

Harry Styles: 4/10

I’m going to be controversial, I don’t really like Harry Styles. I like the bag here and the shape of the suit but the pattern is not right for me it hurts my eyes. The shoes are also awful, maybe some loafers? It’s a tear for me.

Little Mix: 8/10

Firstly, Perrie and Leigh-Anne are glowing! I love the classic white dress and I think each are beautiful. My favourite is Jade’s dress but only because I like the strapless bodice. I would also like commend the stylist as I believe they made sure Perrie and Leigh-Anne were comfortable whilst making them look beautiful and red carpet ready. I’d wear each and every one.

Mabel: 1/10

Well, maybe if Shrek wanted a prom dress. The material looks cheap, like the green morph suits. I’m struggling to credit it…just tear it. 

Rina Sawayama: 10/10

I love this. The uniqueness yet style is incredible. The colour is not right for me but on her it looks amazing. I love the layering and I think the slicked back hair really works. I’d wear, I mean it’s awesome.

Jack Whitehall: 10/10

He just gets a 10. I love him he’s hilarious. I just wish his dad was there as well.

MNEK: 7/10

I don’t know. I think I like it but the bottom looks like a jellyfish. The material looks really smooth though. The makeup is also beautiful with the necklace complementing the outfit nicely. I’d wear the jacket and tear the trousers.

Olly Murs: 6/10

I like the suit. I think a white shirt would have been better as it is quite a lot of red but I credit him for being daring. The clown shoes though haha. More of a tear I think.

AJ Odudu: 9/10

I think the colour suits her so well and I love the flowing skirt. She just looks beautiful. The only thing I’d change is the top part of the dress as I’m not a fan of the way the material has been wrapped around it. It’s a wear!

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