Celebrating in the virtual world – Nellie Neill

During the uncertainty and bafflement of what this year has wrapped us in, I think we should look at all the little things that have brought us together even with a challenging global pandemic. Although the virus has cancelled our plans and torn apart a promising year, we have yet to realise the importance of our online connections.

The virtual world has expanded, especially during this year. We have learned the value of family, friendship and how our society is developing its technology even as we speak. From Joe Wicks to Zoom and Teams online lessons, we have put our trust in technology and it has been a huge part of our communication during this year.

What I have realised from this pandemic, is a lot more people are communicating; people are using their voice for the greater good and expressing themselves even under the shield of a mask or the light of a screen. A lot more people are experimenting with their technology, joining lives to watch how other people are coping and using apps they had never thought they would need to use.

This whole situation is quite hard to handle, we have missed out on exciting experiences and faced some of our most toughest challenges yet. Our daily lifestyle has been replaced by the blur of our devices but we have learned that we are never alone. We have developed the technology needed so that now we can still have a sleepover with our friends, even without them being in the same room and we can find joy in the tiniest of places. I agree this virus is overwhelming, but we can use this as an opportunity to find ways to make ourselves happy, even if it means sacrificing the warmth of a hug or the subtle greeting of a handshake.

With Christmas coming up, everyone is desperate to see each other and are relying upon the COVID-19 vaccine to allow us to see each other. Until then we have to communicate with each other in a different way, until this year a way that was rarely ever used, by technology.

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