Non-uniform day has been hit by Zimbabwean levels of inflation this year, with a 100% annual rise: £1 to £2. As we all know, inflation is a good thing when it comes to charitable giving.

On a serious note it is for a very good cause, with money raised this year going towards four charities. As a reminder these are: Cancer Campaign in Suffolk *, Suffolk mind *, Lighthouse women’s aid *, Iceni Ipswich * 

All these charities achieve really amazing and life changing things and it is great that as a school we are able to raise money for them. This year on civvies day there is also going to BE A CHRISTMAS JUMPER COMPETITION!!!!! To enter please see either ESME PETERS or GILES LENNOX, as we will be judging the competition, and if you don’t see either of us during the day please email us with a photograph of you in your jumper. We will aim to have one winner per year group (*if there is a surplus of really outstanding entries we will of course take this into consideration). SO ENTER NOW AND WIN WHATEVER REALLY GREAT REWARD MR HODSON CAN COME UP WITH.

* Cancer campaign in Suffolk : At Cancer Campaign in Suffolk we are focused on life before, during and after cancer. We aim to educate our community about the signs and symptoms prior to its arrival, support cancer patients during treatment through non-clinical therapies and provide a safe space in our wellbeing workshops in the latter part of treatment and beyond.

*Suffolk Mind: One in four people will experience a mental health problem each year and at Suffolk Mind we want to make Suffolk the best place in the world for talking about and taking care of mental health.

*Lighthouse women’s aid: We run a women, young people and children’s centre in central Ipswich. This is a service for Suffolk and is open to all women, young people and children. The centre provides a one-stop shop of advice and information for women, young people and children (particularly those who are suffering or have suffered domestic abuse), whilst presenting an opportunity for all women, young people and children across the county to develop new skills and come together within a safe and caring environment.

*Iceni Ipswich: We’ve devoted over 20 years giving families the hope they need to thrive. Since 1998, Iceni has worked tirelessly to help children and parents in Ipswich and Suffolk overcome the challenges brought about by domestic abuse, addiction and dependency.

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