Help the RHS “Bubble” to reduce their carbon footprint! – Ellie Hewes

Last Monday, various members of the Eco-Committee spoke about how RHS were re-awarded with the ‘Gold Carbon Charter Award’, due to the efforts of many individuals around the school to reduce their own carbon footprint. Initiatives such as the “Grow With Us” campaign, where every new pupil who joins the school in the next seven years will have to plant a tree on the school site, were seen as particularly impressive to members of various organisations such as Norfolk County Council and Local Green Entrepreneurs. They also believed that the implementation of the new reusable bottles to replace those of a plastic nature, was also a particularly impressive idea.

Some of the objectives spoken about for this academic year, included:

– The continuation of implementing effective behaviours across the school; which may include procurement, reduced energy consumption and waste recycling.

– The continuation of the school’s commitment to the reduction of our carbon footprint. This will be accomplished through the implementation and reflection of the Carbon Reduction Action Plan, with a rolling target of 5% reduction per year.

– To make sure that all pupils and staff support the efforts of the Eco-Committee to raise this awareness to change habits and behaviours which may not be environmentally friendly.

However, ultimately as stated in assembly, the Eco-Committee can come up with the ideas and implement these into our school’s “Bubble”, however, ultimately it is down to the body which makes up this “Bubble”, to make the difference by either choosing to follow these implementations and ideas, or not. These are just five quick, easy and simple ways in which you can individually reduce your own carbon footprint, to subsequently reduce the school’s too:

1. Turn off the lights in your dorm/study or classroom when you or your teacher are not in the room. Further to this, ask your teacher to open the curtains and let natural light in, instead of utilising electricity.

2. Use the house designed fabric bags (which are going to be made by individuals in your houses – look out for details as they will be published shortly), instead of using plastic bags. For example, if you are going to the Co-Op, take one of these instead of a plastic bag!

3. Try to walk or cycle to school or even to the bus stop if you can. If it is raining, you can always use an umbrella!

4. Power down your laptop when you are not utilising it (particularly a tip for those in the sixth form). A computer turned off, will use 65% less energy (at a minimum), than a computer left on, or idle on a screen saver.

5. Conserve paper! Try to print on a double-sided setting. To further add to this, only print what you need to!

Lastly, keep an eye on your emails for an email from Mrs Izod-Miller as there will be some exciting and stimulating activities for all pupils in all years! As stated in assembly, the first of these competitions, is to design the logo for the Eco-Committee. The best one, which will be selected by members of the Eco-Committee, will be rewarded with edible prizes. It can be hand-drawn, or a digital version, but it has to fit into the dimensions of a circle and will need to include something to do with the RHS “Grow With Us” campaign, as well as any other eco-friendly focuses. The winning design will be announced in the Lent term.

If you have any further queries or would be interested in becoming a member of the Eco-Committee, do not hesitate to email Mrs Izod-Miller.

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