25 Questions with Mr Eales – Jason Sims

  1. What is the most unique thing you have ever cooked? A pot of locus on an open fire
  2. What is your favourite meal? Anything on the braai (BBQ)
  3. What is the weirdest object you have confiscated in house? A samurai knife for opening letters. 
  4. What is the worst excuse you have ever heard? A boy once told me he could not get his work done as he had a home invasion the night before, unfortunately being in South Africa this turned out to be true.
  5. Why did you become a teacher? I enjoy the lifestyle of it. 
  6. If you had to introduce one school rule what would it be? I would give a Saturday detention for throwing cushions, that crushes my pet peeve. 
  7. Who is your personal hero? Jannie de Beer (scored 5 drop goals to knock England out of the rugby world cup in 1999) 
  8. What is the best part of being a housemaster? The pupils. 
  9. What is the worst part of being a housemaster? The pupils. 
  10. If you had to have a cameo in any movie which would it be? I would lift the world cup trophy in Invictus
  11. What is the best book you have recently read? Achieving the impossible by Lewis Pugh.
  12. 12.Where would you go on a dream holiday? Knysna (small town in the western cape province) 
  13. 13.Do you prefer living in South Africa or England? I cannot answer that, it is too controversial. 
  14. What is the best house prank you have experienced? We do not have pranks in my houses. 
  15. Would you rather never eat beef or pork again? Pork
  16. 16.What is the best advice you can give? Good boarders never get caught
  17. Describe South Africa in 3 words.  Passionate, proud and winners 
  18. Would you rather go skydiving or scuba diving? I prefer the water so I would go scuba diving 
  19. 19.What is your favourite TV show? Recently I have really enjoyed Mindhunter
  20. 20.If you had to be present at any historical moment which would it be? I would like to witness the first flight by the Orwell brothers 
  21. If you had to a celebrity for a day who would you be? I would be Samuel L. Jackson.
  22. 22.How many pets have you had? By now I have lost count, I have always had pets. 
  23. If you didn’t teach maths what would you teach? P.E
  24. What is your favourite sport? Rugby obviously…
  25. 25.What would be your favourite car to own? I would have a Toyota Hilux those things just do not break. 

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