A House Shout of Ice and Fire – Oliver Hurley

Only two days to go, two days of constant rehearsal, frantic singing and extreme rivalry over which house is going to win this year. If you take a peek through the windows of Nelson within these days you may glimpse the mischievous minds at work, stirring up a new production, a piece de resistance, soon to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting audience. Throughout the course of these two chaotic days I imagine you’ll see three types of people.

Firstly you have the House Shout Zealots, those who have been awaiting this moment for nigh on a whole year, biding their time, waiting for this one day that makes all the failings of the year worth it. You’re likely to find these fanatics on the front row of their house shout, belting their lungs out, or perhaps dictating their house harmony, if you are lucky you may even hear them singing along to their House Shout in their own free time.

Secondly we have The Enthusiasts, those who enjoy a good sing song, who use this moment to just have a little fun, maybe they’ll joke around with their friends about which house has the best song. Overall these Enthusiasts don’t take things too seriously, after all its not the end of the world, but still it’d be nice if they won.

Finally, if you peer into the darkness long enough they may peer back, I like to call them the “Singing is for Sissys” Gang. Now of course not everyone who doesn’t want to sing has this mindset, some people are just shyer than others. But these are not the demons of which I speak. If you truly wish to find one of these beings for yourself you may be able to glimpse a small group hovering at the back of the stage, arms crossed, lips sealed. They’re not like those fools at the front, they’re cooler than that. My god just look how cool they are, so stoic, so mannequin esque. for what is house spirit to those who exude their own immense spirit of coolness. Each to their own I guess.

But in the end it’ll all pay off, we’ll laugh, we’ll cry, some of us may even feel the pride of winning, only to spend the next week boasting, all of which will be forgotten come exam season. House Shout really is a marvellous event, a time for everyone to get involved, for the school to come together as one to celebrate not only talent but simply the art of having a good time. You never know, whilst up on stage you may develop a love for the stage, fall in love with the sensation of the performance, become the moment, you may even return again and again to perform.

So I hope you all look forward to what I hope will be a spectacular event, perhaps one you’ll never forget, that will stay in your memory year after year, even after your school days have come and gone. So make the most of it and enjoy yourselves up there. Im sure you’ll all do great.

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