Prefect Thought of the Week : Self-Discipline- Annie Paddon

Good morning school. The other week I found myself back in the relentless cycle of searching for a new TV series to watch. Having been unsuccessful, I was recommended a series by a friend called ‘SAS: Who dares wins’. I decided to try it considering the new season currently being released, and found myself highly enjoying it.

For those of you not aware of the programme, the concept is a group of individuals, both men and women, aspiring to be part of the SAS, a Special Forces unit of the British Army. They enter an intensive training programme designed to test them and see if they’re capable of being selected. The selection course is one of the most physically and psychologically demanding Special Forces tests in the world, with a pass rate of under 10%. The civilians are put through tests that require an immeasurable amount of resilience and strength, both in the mind and body.

The reason I wished to speak about this programme today was due to how much it hit home the significance of self-discipline in life. The people that willingly signed themselves up to this course were fully aware that they were going to be pushed to, or even beyond their limits. Although the SAS trainers were pushing them mentally and physically in the tasks, every candidate had made the decision themselves to go through this pain, to get as far as they could in the course. Having the opportunity to quit at any point in the most demanding conditions, yet forcing themselves through their mental barriers, was highly inspiring, and this is why I found myself liking the programme so much.

So how does this relate to all of you? It is essential as an individual to ensure self-discipline in order to achieve success. There is only so much teachers or coaches can do to push and discipline you to fulfil your potential, as at the end of the day, it is down to you to be self-disciplined to achieve. Recognising and acting upon the need to discipline oneself can lead to many great achievements, so make sure that you strongly consider this as you journey through the school. Particularly for all of us taking exams at the end of the year.

Thank you, and have a good week.

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