Prefect Thought for the Week – Catie Bennett

Good morning school.

Today I will be addressing you on the topic of involvement. Now you may think that I am going to bang on about the importance of getting involved, and how there are 119 activities each week which you can so easily get involved with and really strive to reach your full potential- which would of course be great for everyone to do, as these activities help us to make new friends, find out about new things that we enjoy that might surprise us, and help us all to become lovely, well-rounded individuals who can and will navigate success.

But I will in fact talk about the importance of involving our peers. It is inevitable when you are at a boarding school that you will make very close friends, some, you may be friends with for life, or at least for a very long time. In the different houses around school, you will certainly spend a lot of time with your housemates and, over time, discover who you want to be closest with. But it is important that we remain aware of not just who we do spend time with, but also who we don’t.

You have all probably watched the film Mean Girls at some point in your lives, and whether you enjoyed it or not doesn’t really matter, because unfortunately, it is a sad reality that in schools, there are often unspoken cruel, tacit laws of popularity that divide fellow students into tightly knit cliques – just as Cady discovered.

Cliquey behaviour is difficult to avoid and more often than not you will either find yourselves immersed within a clique, or more unfortunately, very much left out of one. Cliques can appear exclusive and intimidating from the outside, so don’t let yourself be part of that, diversify your friendship groups, sit with people you wouldn’t usually sit with, and try out new activities that you’ve never done before with people you’ve never met before (there are 119 of them to choose from) and you might surprise yourself, meeting new friends and discovering that stepping out of your comfort zone and talking to more than just 5 of the same people everyday is actually extremely worthwhile and will not only remove the competitive atmosphere that is so often felt in a clique, but also allow us to all become more well rounded individuals.

Thank you, have a good week.

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