Pride – Ms Wilby

‘All that the school stands for in one half an hour’
First divvies rehearsal of the season, in my last year and as I was supervising some year 13 doing a resit mock, I concentrated my mind on all things RHS. It wasn’t the sunniest of days but the rain held off and the music was familiar and rousing.

Love it or hate it, and I think that the majority of our students love it and are proud of it’s significance. It is symbolic of all things good; the discipline required to do a good job; working with others in the squad to doing something well as a team; setting an example to the younger students; remembering the history of duty and service; being proud of what you do whether it is marching or leading a squad or being in the band or guard.

All of this went through my mind as I heard the band play for the rehearsal. These are lessons that we all need for life in general, and if you are too young to appreciate it now, you will value this within the next few years. I am always impressed that over 700 youngsters from all sorts of backgrounds and nationalities come together to do this and I am proud that our school still does this, long may it last.

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