Unexpected Winter Wonderland – Ayoola Oshiyemi

It’s a miracle! It’s finally snowing! All the times we’ve desired it to snow, all the times we missed snowflakes falling upon our small, tender souls, over the past five years, now, finally, the sky has poured sleet and snow upon us! It was just two days ago on Tuesday 27th February, 2018, when I woke up to the beautiful sight of a magical Winter Wonderland before my eyes. Snow coated the ground with precipitations of 20%, humidities of 92% and a wind speed of 9 mph, with a temperature of 7 degrees Celsius and an overall snow height of 1-2cm.

I can only give you one word of advice: wrap up warm, wear a scarf and a coat, wear boots and don’t forget gloves! The ‘Beast from the East’ is unleashing an almost scary (or exciting) amount of snow, sleet and cold on the UK. This week on Thursday, Ipswich is supposed to reach the low temperature of -2 and the height of the snow is anticipated to increase profusely.

Snow has caused some inauspicious events since the snow and high precipitations have caused the roads to be slippery. Many roads have been closed down or blocked and many accidents have occurred; 20 collisions on England’s road happened within three hours, which included a significant vehicle crash-a school bus with 45 pupils on board. Another man died after a collision in Cambridgeshire. Many schools across the country were shut and trains have been delayed as well as buses. At the Royal Hospital School, the snow made it impossible for most buses to travel to school, therefore the majority of day pupils were absent from their classes, leaving mainly the borders to attend school. People called Wednesday a ‘Snow Day’ as many students used it as a day to get out of school. The day pupils that did attend school were allowed to leave school after break so they were actually able to get home and not be snowed in at school.

In the morning of Wednesday, breakfast for the boarders was served in their houses. Although it wasn’t a hot meal in the dining hall, it was still a lovely and fun breakfast, allowing pupils to gather together and have a laugh. In the evening many pupils of RHS gathered together on the snowy playing fields to go riding on sleds, have snow ball fights and generally play in the snow. It was a great event allowing all pupils to have a bit of fun and have a bit of a laughter. It was a lively jollification. It was certainly like a little Winter Olympics, where lots of vigorous action took place.

And although it has its inconveniences, I’m sure that deep down we all enjoy a bit of snow creating an almost dreamlike state inside our little bubble, whether you’re inside all warm or outside pelting each other with snowballs.


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