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The Labour Manifesto

10 months ago David Cameron made a promise: ‘whatever happen in the EU referendum, I will not be be leaving.’ Unfortunately along with several other Tory promises, this was broke rather swiftly. For the last 10 months we have had to live with an unelected, question dodging, unfair Prime Minister. In almost a year here is what she has achieved:

  • To change her mind from remain, to leave the EU
  • To lose 14% of the police force in our nation
  • To bring more Tory cuts to education
  • To bring more cuts to the NHS
  • To decide that ‘no deal is better than a bad deal’
  • To bring unemployment rates down to the lowest it has ever been- 4.8% (3.5 million people)

In the Labour Party we are promising to change and transform all of these things, after all we are a party of the many, not the few!

  • We are promising to make 1 million new, good quality jobs.
  • We will build over a million new homes with rent controls all over the country
  • We will end NHS privatisation and bring services into a secure, publicly funded NHS, in doing this we shall also integrate the NHS for the disabled and old
  • We will rebuild the unfunded Tory education system and make sure there is a good start to all that live in the UK
  • We will act to protect the future of the planet and take action to fulfil the Paris climate agreement
  • We will put conflict resolution and human rights at the front of the foreign policy


Why should I vote labour over the other parties?

  • Unlike the Liberal Democrats we are not homophobic. We believe everyone should have equal rights and should not be dragged down by a prime minister who, obviously does not believe in equal rights for all. LibDem gay hatred is proven by the question dodging of some LibDem members and where Tim Farron claimed- ‘gay sex is a disgrace!’
  • SNP- Are you Scottish? If yes- go ahead, but we know you aren’t and neither is Basson Du Toit
  • Unlike the Conservative party we shall not dismantle the NHS we want to empower it more than ever before. We will not force disabled people to work and definitely will not leave refugees in calais to starve!
  • The Green Party is one of keeping the country’s carbon footprint down… we promise to do this and more!

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