‘Pigs Gone Wild’ – Sophie Atkinson

This year St Elizabeth’s Hospice has teamed up with Wild in Art to create Suffolk’s largest mass participation art event: Pigs Gone Wild. The event will involve over forty fibreglass pigs dotted around Ipswich this summer. The public can get involved and follow the bacon trail throughout the town centre; the idea is to celebrate Suffolk’s agricultural heritage whilst raising money for charity. Some of the pigs will have been decorated by professional artists to symbolise Suffolk and its organisations, a fine example being Tally Ho Trotters, the winged pig of Wattisham Airfield (pictured). He is the first pig to have been completed and a fine specimen. As well as the large artists’ pigs, schools across Suffolk can purchase a smaller porker to decorate themselves and RHS has recently created a ‘pig committee’ of students who are on to the task.

The winged pig of Wattisham Airfield

The group of students will be decorating our very own pig to be placed among other school’s creations on the trail through Ipswich this summer. Led by Mrs Nutton, we have already brainstormed several themes and ideas for our farmyard chum; one of the most promising ideas is a divisions uniform theme complete with gidge! We want to capture the essence of the school subtly, i.e. without painting a clock tower on it! Another great idea is to paint bubbles on him (as RHS has often been referred to as a bubble) with different things inside the bubbles to symbolise the school. A further idea is a mashup of all our uniforms, as we do have quite a few. We are still in the brainstorming stage of the process; however, later this term the painting and decorating will begin in earnest.

As the pig committee begin to create you will be seeing a lot of our friend as we may be hiding him around the school for prizes if you can find him. There will also be a talk about him in assembly. With the launch approaching and the fibreglass sculpture having recently arrived, we are all set to begin capturing the essence of RHS on the little piggy and prepare him for join his buddies in the Pigs Gone Wild trail in Ipswich this summer.

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