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Prefect Thought of the Week – Acknowledging Tradition, Harry Hindley

Our school has a long history, having been navigating success since 1712. In that long history

International Remembrance – Adam Warren

Armistice Day, known in the UK also as Remembrance is the 11th of November and marks

Prefect Thought of the Week – Remembrance, Annis Cousins

We are approaching that time of the year where we see many people wearing red poppies,

Modern Democracy, Is it really worth the hype?

In the chaotic modern day world of politics: the lies, the scandals, the voting, the tensions

The German Economic Crisis of the 1920s – Joe Buckley

Among the most notorious economic crises the world has faced in the last century, perhaps none

Hamilton and History – Emilie Edgington

In modern society, some people view theatre as a form of entertainment for the elite. There

Can you dig it? – Sam Christmas

When Dad first mentioned that I should spend a couple of weeks on an archaeological excavation

“In the Ancient World the sea always linked rather than divided people.” – Sam Christmas

The sea was central to life in the Ancient World. On account of this, it would

Diocletian’s reign and the fall of the Western Roman Empire – Sam Christmas

Introduction The question at stake is “ to what extent did Diocletian’s reign contribute to the

Hitler: the economic element – Joe Buckley

Joe gives an interesting insight into Germany’s ‘economic boom’ post WWI and Hitler’s pivotal role in