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‘Summer’: Photo Competition – Taster…

‘Summer’ photo competition – entry deadline next Friday (15th September). Bolton Priory

The Globe: ‘Romeo and Juliet’ review – Imi Peterson

Friday the 23rd of June, a seemingly unassuming date (Brexit vote anniversary aside) saw what can

Poetry – Savannah Collis

Introduction: This poem is about all the unseen wrongs in society; it highlights the fact that

A Day With RashDash Theatre – Amelia Potter

Saturday 13th of May saw a bundle of fun in the drama studio. The two woman

Recommended YA reading… for all age groups! – Ella Finch

With the summer holiday fast approaching, we asked our resident book critic, Ella Finch, to give

‘Ghost Boys’ – A short fiction by Eloise Best

Devan was aware that his life was a mess; it was just important that no one

‘The Antinaid’ – Gray Holland

The Antinaid   As the dark and sweeping water of the Nile Bade the vessel sway,

Jubilee Poetry Prize Competition 2017: Winners

Many thanks to Mr Richard Bedwell, the old boy who generously sponsors this excellent competition. Thanks

Who Would Win In A Shakespearean Face-Off – Michael Fassbender, Tom Hiddleston or Benedict Cumberbatch? – Miss Morris

If you have been in a class with me during the last few years, and we’ve

‘World Book Day’ at RHS

I come in to period 1, Year 12 literature, dressed as Harry Potter. Class laugh. Tabitha