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Lockdown confession #1 – Miss Shopova

I have to confess that I teach with fitness leggings and trainers on (ready to go

Staff Through The Keyhole – Last of 2020

As ever, the clues are there. Who could live in a house like this? RHS, it’s

‘So long’ – Mr Watson-Davis

It is neither Wednesday morning at 5 o’clock, nor are we aboard a midnight train to

The Beauty of RHS – Staff

The staff were invited to put forward their best pics of the RHS site from this

Staff Advent Windows – Ms Hemmens

Thanks to Ms Hemmens, the RHS site has a wonderful tradition of creating actual advent windows.

My Favourite Houseplant – Various staff

Following on from Ben Jackson’s excellent piece on the benefits of greenery in your home, we

Fuming about Film/Xmas greats – Mrs O’Callaghan

Virtually no new cinema releases since March 2020. I love movies and would probably consider myself

Staff Through the Keyhole

Last week was the Coopers’ beautiful Stutton residence. This week, we’re back on the RHS site,

Poems for 2020 – Year 7, Anon.

World Mental Health Day poems by Ms Stone’s Year 7 poets. My 2020 This year has

Cherry Twist – A new novel by Ms Stone

Huge thanks to Ms Stone for giving the Bubble a world exclusive extract from her new