Lockdown Confessions with the Headmaster and Year 10 – Ellie Hewes

Join us for another week of Lockdown Confessions. I will start us off…

These confessions were written and meant to be published before half-term, however due to technical problems, I couldn’t publish them in time. However, you can read them now!!

Mr Lockyer:

I confess I am really really looking forward to half term. This might initially appear like something of an unusual confession but I feel almost guilty how much I want to put away my Surface, lock my office door and get away from the screen. This Lockdown has brought a new found intensity to working, not just the time spent online but also the reliance I have placed on my colleagues. Half terms are usually a time to change pace and catch up but next week I am going to attempt to hibernate for a few days – a reasonable expectation but none the less an unusual guilty pleasure!

I’m sure many of us enjoyed the extra hours in bed – on some mornings I slept until 11:30!

George Reeve:

Over quarantine my life has been very much unchanging. I get up the same time every day, go to tutor and join my lessons. Although it has been hard to feel motivated as I don’t seem to go outside very often, after school and at lunch I’ve been doing my best to play online with my friends this has kept me going. I have started some mornings by waking up early and going to my dad’s studio to work and I can encourage you to do the same as it has really helped me work through my lessons!

I am sure many of us can relate to the monotony George is experiencing, but at least we will be back at school soon!

Mirren Robertson:

I’m sure everyone’s had a lazy lockdown , whether it’s sleeping during classes or not getting out of bed. For my lazy lockdown, I have to confess that I have binged watched all 121 episodes of Glee, 88 hours of nothing but Sue Sylvester and the questionable Mathew Morrison…

I am sorry Chirag, but it seems that your binge-watching confession from week one has been topped by Mirren!

And that’s it for this week’s (or the week before half-term) Lockdown Confessions! There is only one more week left and so be sure to email me if you want to be involved in next week’s article!!

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