In 6 months time…predictions from you- Maddy Fitch

Over the past year our lives have changed indefinitely: we have been told to stay ‘Indoors and protect the NHS’, ‘lockdown’ and ‘social distance’ have entwined themselves in our everyday vocabulary,  and Boris has lost more than 14 kg. It is safe to say none of us would have predicted any of those things two years ago, so I thought it would be fun to ask some of your fellow pupils their predictions of what the UK will be in six months time.


“ In 6 months time, I think England will be much the same as it is today. I don’t think restrictions will be as tight as they were but there will still be some. I think we will be back at school, but we still won’t see things like Chapel. Restaurants may be open again but only in places with low cases and the tier system will still be around. Lastly, I think that we will be able to see friends and family, but not as many as we were allowed last summer.”

– Frankie F ( Year 10)

“ I think that in 6 months Covid will be completely gone and everyone will be able to party and go to the pub. Restaurants will be open again and will have been for a number of months. Masks will be abolished and face shields will be burnt. There will be no 2 metre rule, expect for those with restraining orders and there will be no more fights over toilet roll in shops.”

  • Polly F ( Year 9)

“ It’s June. We’re back at school, the teachers have been vaccinated,  we’re all getting ours soon.  Speech day and the Leavers Ball is soon – because it IS happening. The A level and GCSE substitute exams have gone well and everyone is in a state of extreme tiredness from an unstable, rocky school year. Several people from the NHS have been knighted and no one will ever complain about it again (or for at least a month)! There will be a national holiday called ‘Free from Covid’ day. We will have entered the roaring 20’s”

  • Gracie A ( Year 13)

“ Due to the recent introduction of the Covid vaccine, I am optimistic that in 6 months, things will start returning to normal. I am hopeful that things such as pubs and parks will start to be more accessible, as that would defiantly increase morale for the nation! I think schools and universities will be functioning as normal in six months time which will be positive for students. High street businesses and retailers will hopefully start to see more customers as restrictions are eased. Overall, I am confident that England will be a more positive place if the rollout of the vaccine is as successful as anticipated” 

  • Angus W ( Year 12)

“ I think that in 6 months the UK will be slowly getting better although we will not be back to complete ‘normal’ life.  I think that once many people have been vaccinated, the NHS will be under less pressure. By starting with the more vulnerable, it will lower the death rate.  By protecting the vulnerable, schools should be able to reopen and most sports and extra-curricular activities should be able to take place (obviously abiding by Covid restrictions).”

  • Sophie B  ( Year 7)

The vaccination programme continues to be a success in the UK. Scepticism around receiving a jab will have become a problem in many countries (as well as certain communities in the UK), leading to restricted freedoms for those not yet vaccinated: IE, may not be allowed to travel abroad/attend cinemas and theatres. Concern around the spread of variants may delay the loosening of general travel restrictions as countries across Europe will be nowhere near where the UK is on vaccination. I predict the UK will be at 60% of population vaccinated by July; the EU average will be about 30%.
Social distancing very much still with us. Outdoor mixing will be much more relaxed, but expect rule of six to apply in private home indoors throughout most of 2021. When mixing is possible again without masks, many people (especially me) will find themselves outraged by people coming within two metres of them at work. It will take time to adjust to the old normal. Speech Day in the marquee will be possible, but with spaced-out seating and limited capacity.
The dire social impact of the pandemic will be even clearer. Covid’s exacerbation of the inequalities of our nation will see continual pressure put on the government by media discourse, which will lead to more indecisive leadership from Boris Johnson. Expect a leadership challenge in 2022. This won’t necessarily see an upturn in fortunes for Labour, who will continue to be plagued by in-fighting and a fairly anonymous front bench.
Tottenham will win the Premier League (the most outrageous forecast in this piece)

  • Mr Hodson

So these are just some of the thoughts from the pupil body.

Come back in 6 months time to see if any of these predictions came true!

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