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As we embark on yet another lockdown, I thought it would be interesting to delve into research on our character and what behaviours differentiate us from others. Whilst doing this, I came across a book that my dad gave me last Christmas: ‘Surrounded by Idiots’ is a book by Thomas Erikson that details the four different types of personality. It shows you how to recognise if a person is a Red, Blue, Yellow or Green, how to interact with them, what to say to them, what not to say, body language that is specific to each colour, and even goes as far as to inform  you how to deliver bad news to each colour. So with that in mind, I thought I would put together a quiz, using information from the book, to help you discover what personality type you have. Now, I feel that I should make it clear that you can be more than just a ‘Red’; for instance I am Red and Green. Having two colours that dominate your behaviour is very common, so don’t be alarmed. It is normal to find small influences from all the colours in your behaviour, but for the purpose of this quiz, you will only get your main personality type. 

Lets begin;

  1. A friend of yours asks for your opinion on a project. What do you do?

a- You tell them exactly what you think, not caring about if they will get upset or not. After all, they asked for your honest opinion!

b- You say ‘it’s great’ after reading the first line

c- You smile and say you’ll give it a read, but then forget about it

d- You take it and read it through, making sure to write notes and suggest extra areas that need covering and then proceed to do some reading on the subject ( just to make sure everything is correct)

2) Your friend tells you to watch the new season of Riverdale on Netflix. You either…

a- Say no. You’ve already made up your mind that the first season was bad, so why would you put yourself through the pain of watching another one!

b- Start watching it straight away- surely this season is better than the last?

c- Say you’ve already watched it and that you thought it was really good (even if you didn’t)

d- Go straight on your phone and search up the ratings and then rewatch the whole thing so that you don’t miss any details

3) You’re working in a group on a project and you’re next to present. Do you..

a- Take charge. No one is going to know as much as you do

b- Go straight to the microphone and start talking about yourself, as that’s much more interesting than the project!

c- Give the responsibility to someone else. After all, they’ll do a much better job than you

d- Stand silently at the back of the group and hope no one notices you

4) You’re told that you have to fire a college at work- what do you do?

a- You make it quickly and decisively: time is money!

b- You just choose what feels right in the moment

c- You put it off for as long as possible. You don’t want to hurt anyones’ feelings!

d- You make sure that you have all the correct data and information before making the decision, then start questioning if your data is correct so go and do more research

5) How do you take criticism? Do you…

a- Tell them they’re wrong and then ignore what they are saying

b- Start apologising and then forget what you’re apologising for

c- Take it personally 

d- Start pointing out the flaws in their criticism 

6) You like to…

a- Be the leader and tend to bend the rule book to get stuff done

b- Be the centre of attention

c- Listen to other peoples problems and be a helping hand for anyone that needs it

d- Be somewhere quiet reading a book

7) Your mum tells you that you should probably start revising, as your exams are just over 3 months away. How do you react?

a- You get angry and start yelling. Who does she think so is!

b- You start to laugh and start talking about your dog, quickly forgetting the subject

c- You agree and tell her that you will start soon….maybe

d- You tell her that you already drafted a schedule 3 months a go and then proceed to show her for an hour, going through every minute detail

8) Your friend doesn’t show up to an important event for you- what do you do?

a- Call them and shout at them for 2 hours straight

b- You didn’t even notice they weren’t there

c- Not think about it too much- they were probably really busy

d- You ensure that you have evidence that they weren’t there and then sit them down for a presentation on how to be a good friend

9) Your summer plans consist of…

a- You preparing an ambitious plan of going to every possible location on your bucket list that you missed out on last year because of COVID

b- You don’t really know- You’re just going to see where the wind takes you!

c- You enjoying time with friends and family, but also getting in bit of peace and quiet for yourself

d- You have already meticulously planned every day 

10) Your friends would describe you as…

a- strong-willed and independent

b- social and spontaneous

c- reliable and kind

d- analytical and logical

If you got most A’s, you’re a RED

As a red,  you’re dynamic and driven. Everything is possible if you put your mind to it and you enjoy a challenge. People may mistake your honesty for insensitivity, but you just like to keep things at face-value. You often catch yourself talking the loudest and that’s because you’re always right ( in your eyes anyway). Competitive is your middle name, and people should make sure that they stay out of your way because once you have your heart set on something, nothing can stop you! For Reds, ‘quick’ is synonymous with ‘good’ and you’re known for your efficiency. However, be careful not to be too rash: making quick decisions sometimes backfires so try to slow down.

If you got mostly B’s, you’re a YELLOW

Most of the time, people have to tell you to be quiet because you’re talking to much. Being a Yellow, you attract attention and you’re attracted to places with the most exciting atmosphere. You’re normally the optimist of the group and don’t have a negative word to say about anyone. You don’t have a problem with talking to strangers and you are enthusiastic in making new friends whilst strengthening long-term relationships. On the other hand, sometimes you can be criticised for not being a great listener, which is the main trait of a Yellow, so try not to let information go in one ear and out the other. At the end of the day, being a Yellow can be exhausting, but not everyone can be the life of the party!

If you’re mostly C’s, you’re GREEN

You’re the easy going person, who likes to take their time and keeps the peace between Reds and Yellows. You’ll never forget someones birthday and make sure that your friends, or anyone for that matter, aren’t left out. Greens are friendly, calm and patient; once you say that you’re going to do something, you’ll do it (just don’t expect it to be done quickly).  You’re the rock of the friendship group and it takes you quite a long time to adapt to change, especially if it’s a big change. You’re positive and reliable but can sometimes be stubborn and awkward if you are uncomfortable.  Greens realise that some people want to be the centre of attention (Yellows) and will cheer them on from the sidelines.

If you’re mostly D’s, you’re BLUE

Blues are the methodical ones; usually found contemplating the best way to organise their folders or scrutinising over the latest update of Word. You’re factually orientated and aren’t afraid to correct others if they mess up. You’re cautious and accurate, so if you get given a job, you’ll make sure that you check every detail and often are asking if there is any more material to read. You can be perceived as slightly emotionless and cold, but you just prefer to have your space and won’t draw attention to yourself unless completely necessary. You’re conscientious and a perfectionist,  which others may find annoying, but you won’t let anything slip past you.

I hope that you found this interesting and insightful. If you want to read anymore, the book I based this quiz off of is ‘Surrounded by Idiots’ by Thomas Erikson.

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