Café Music Review – Izzy S

Let’s set the scene, you’re in the café sipping on your chai latte when suddenly, your song of the month comes on. We all know the café ladies like a good tune. This is my verdict of some recent plays. 


Makes me feel like I am in soul cycle or joe and the juice. This song brings me back from the dead and gives me the motivation to push forward with that final piece of an essay. I’m giving it an 8/10 just because simply at times I am not in the mood for such good vibes!

Daydreaming – Harry Styles

This song coupled with a flat white is how I like to spend a Sunday. I caught up with Michele where we bonded over our shared love of Harry and was again reminded that I am indeed not in Harry’s dating demographic (he likes older women) . So, for that 7/10

Collide – Justine Skye and Tyga

Now I’m sure we have heard this on TikTok. But I was shocked when I heard this, some Year 9 has defo requested that, it was the sped-up version as well. This song slaps but not in a café, maybe on a Saturday night so for that a 5/10. 

Dark horse – Katy Perry ft. Juicy J

They love to play some proper throwback tunes at times, and this is from Katy Perry’s golden era of hits. Last year, we got Mr Cocker to play this as part of our link to Carol Ann Duffy’s poem beautiful. 10/10 complete tune!

Thinking out loud – Ed Sheeran

A Suffolk native, it only seems appropriate to play Ed. Yes, the song may be a little cheesy, but you can’t help but sing along.  7/10 

My overall verdict, they are trendy. 

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