Brilliant Battle of Staff Style

In the mist of the worsening brutal British weather, we find ourselves surrounded by the colourful claim that Autumn has undoubtedly arrived. And with autumn comes the superior season of fashion (at least in my opinion!). With the vibrant reds, crisp blue skies and colder climate that allows us to layer up, polish our boots and add the necessary accessories, it is a clear ‘outfit Happy Hour’. But which teachers are on top of their wardrobes and which clearly need a new one?

Without further ado, I present to you the Battle of the Staff:

And their tips … but don’t expect too much…

Dog lover. Spanish speaker. Outfit icon and a clear participant of this article.

There’s no need to question why Miss Shopova and her trench coats deserve to initiate this fashion fight: Autumn is a mix and match season, especially this year when it seems that one day it is winter and the next one, we are back to summer. Some of my favourite basic items to wear are a timeless trench coat (it acts as a windbreaker, so it is perfect for windy weather), a little twist to the traditional boat shoes with a pop of silver, socks and bag have to match of course! And just a pair of 721 Levis (why not just have the same jeans in three different colours – this is totally me!) When you’re as iconic as Miss, there are never too many colours. Her style is unique, but is it the best?

Second up we have perhaps a more controversial model. Undoubtedly an influencer but perhaps more for his theories than his style?

It can be questioned whether Shavers will be the new Gigi Hadid but his outfit above is definitely an eye-opener! To create this masterpiece, you will need:

  1.  Birkenstocks because all the Aussies wear them in the winter 
  2. Sustainable wool socks in case my feet get cold
  3. Paisley shorts for a bit of autumn colours
  4. A thick Irish arran jumper, because knitwear is always in is it not? 
  5. Hat for the wind- can’t have a bad hair day. Notice the peak is small so not catch the wind. Also, it’s bright so I can be seen in the dark!! 
  6. Transition sunglasses, as you never know when you might need sunglasses for the autumn sun! My favourite part about this fit has to be the socks and sandals- an RHS staple may I add.

Last but certainly not least, may I present our own fashion Guru (I’m too funny) and VICTOR of the battle…

Most refined, planned and well-seasoned contester of the week. I think it’s fair to say that although all three models bring a certain something to the table, this is the model that earnt the front cover. What more is there to say?

As the winner remarked confidently, ‘you can see that my outfits are well thought out and simply a classic style’. However, then he proceeds to suggest he is ‘flattered‘ but
Would object to the superlative “most fashionable” We clearly disagree to this humble objection. He continues, ‘I dress for the season, but this is as much to do with pragmatism as style. My pragmatic approach is because of two fundamental truths:

  1. I’m a poor thermal regulator; and
  2. My wardrobe is of only finite size.

With regards to the first, I’m an active person and I move around a lot when I teach, consequently I prefer a looser trouser and a lighter fabric. However, I get really, really cold and, in the winter, and my north facing department is probably one of the chillier spots in a school that has a number of less-than-warm spaces so, from October onwards, I need layers – lots of layers.

This links to the second point. There is as little need for linen trousers in winter as there is for wool jackets in summer; I don’t need a mid-layer jumper from the start of Summer Term to the second half of Michaelmas. This means twice a year, largely in line with the geese migrating south over Holbrook, I bring a suitcase down from the attic and swap my clothes around – reintroducing hygge to my wardrobe, bringing out the heavier suits, and putting the Christmas jumpers on standby; I also tuck away the summer clobber until the birds return to the Stour‘ Our winner then concludes by renaming himself as “Best Dressed to Maintain an Even Body Temperature” category, before again ‘humbly’ suggesting Mrs O’Callaghan and Mr Corby are also worthy outfit contenders. And, if this article gets the love it deserves, these icons may join another in a future ‘Battle of Staff Style’.

– By Daisy Clabburn –

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