Review of Year 7 from Year 13 – Amelia Potter

Questions Year 13 answered while looking back at year 7.

Was it your favourite year?
Rosie- ‘Despite the excitement of overly buttered toast at stand easy and the girls v boys bulldog games… I liked year 8, we were more settled in and friendships established.’
Giles- ‘Looking Back, probably.’

Why was it your favourite year?
Giles- ‘Everyone was getting to know each other. Making new friends and having fun.’
Rosie- ‘The lack of work… The clubs… I did jewellery and basketball! Check me out!’

What do you miss most?
Conor- ‘Feeling of not worrying about exams etc.’
Rosie- ‘I miss the free time… The gossip!! The walks!’
Esme- ‘Irrelevant drama.’
Giles- ‘No responsibility. We could just have fun. (Also toast at break!)’

What do you wish you got more involved in?
Esme- ‘Everything’.
Giles- ‘Maybe I could’ve learnt an instrument?’
Conor- ‘Being more social at the start. Was too shy to begin with.’

Proudest year 7 moment?
Esme- ‘I did a chapel speech’.
Conor- ‘Completing the year?’

Do you think you’ve changed since year 7? If so, how?
Rosie- ‘YES YES YES. My confidence has developed so much’
Esme- ‘100% in like every way.’
Conor- ‘I’ve gained so much confidence and learned not to worry about others judgements.’
Giles- ‘Got taller.’

Would you like to go back?
Esme- ‘Yes but no- maybe for a day.’
Giles – ‘In some ways. But in Nelson we’re all back together again.’

Did you have a cool rucksack?
Rosie- ‘Of course I did, all the cool kids had a Superdry backpack, which later developed to Jack Wills tote bags, I followed all the trends.’
Giles- ‘I was hugely proud of my red Superdry rucksack.’
Conor- ‘Adidas, retro, kinda cool. Heavy though.’
Esme- ‘I was too cool for a ruck-sack’.

What would you say to your year 7 self?
Esme- ‘I discovered the things I love to do way too late. Be your own person and discover your own passions’.
Rosie- ‘GET STUCK IN! and stop wearing side pony-tails.’
Giles- ‘Please stop taking cringey selfies with different filters.’
Conor- ‘Do you… Don’t spend your time worrying about what others think of you.’

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