Welcome to ‘The Bubble’ – Giles Lennox

Opinions, we all have them. We express them every day in lessons, around school, and at home or in the boarding house. Whether it’s about the latest tv series or current affairs topic, our opinions are what define us as individuals. Because opinions matter, we are here to advertise the RHS Bubble, the school’s media blog that posts weekly articles on a variety of topics. Some of these are of crucial importance, such as Mr Routledge’s desperate search for a new football team to support, some a bit trivial, like Brexit. I myself am passionate about climate change and the impact it is having on our environment and society and therefore have published several pieces including one on the part you can play in taking steps to tackle this issue.

We are not averse to a little bit of controversy; I wrote recently about why I believe God does not exist and why James Bond should remain a man in a new section called ‘Take Me On’ – which is open to all of you.  In our modern age, we live in a society that is bombarded with information, opinions and facts. You have heard on multiple occasions that we as a student group are the leaders of tomorrow. If we want our society to in future to be progressive, then it is not only important to report the news responsibly, it is also crucial that we develop our own opinions about issues and then have the confidence and clarity to express them. Whether that be about the dreaded ‘B’ word or Trump’s latest tweet, the Bubble provides you with the opportunity to communicate your opinion to the rest of the school. As long as it’s reasoned and justifiable, we want you to formulate an opinion and express it!

So, why join the Bubble? Not only does it look great on a personal statement, especially if you are interested in a career in journalism, but, as Giles said, it allows you to express your personal beliefs. Not happy with the school’s new meet free Monday meal policy? Or, conversely, is the fortnightly approach not hard-line enough for you? Write an article. Has your sports team crushed Ipswich yet again? Write a report – and make sure it sounds as dramatic as possible. Just want to rant about something political? Write an article.

The Bubble provides a platform for all members of the school to engage with. There is something for everyone and opportunities to write about a whole range of topics and issues. Even if you don’t want to write an article, take 5 mins out of your day to go onto the website and read some of the weekly content. Who knows, you might find a topic that interests you or a piece that you just find entertaining like which 5 famous dead people would Mr Gutierrez invite to a dinner or the strangest thing that cleaners have found in the boarding houses. There is something for everyone, from Y7 to Y13 and we strongly encourage you to get involved.

If you are interested at writing a piece of joining the team, then please come along on a Monday lunchtime to E47. Even if you don’t have an idea yet, you can still come and watch Amadi pitch another great article he’ll probably never write. We look forward to seeing some of you there.

Have a good day

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