The Power of Hope – Ayoola Oshiyemi

Life is like a test or a battle but it can also be like an involuted maze of bewilderment which can sometimes create this effluvium of negativity which deludes our minds, telling us that we will never improve; we will never reach our goal, or that we aren’t good enough, but trust me that is not true! You are better than you ever thought you were and stronger than you ever imagined. Despite the hurdles and setbacks which creep up as we journey though this life long adventure we need to acknowledge the luminosity which is hiding in that blight of darkness. If we fail to have hope and faith than how will we ever reach success? If you don’t believe in yourself and don’t have faith in what you are doing than you are immediately setting yourself up for failure before the challenge has even began.

Like Freddie Wooton rightfully said in his thought of the week: “It is worse enough having criticism from others around you but when you start to criticise yourself, question your imperfections and lose faith in yourself- What is the point!” We as a generation, actually we as an entire population, need to realise how incredible we actually are and how much potential we have bottled up inside our souls which is yearning to be set free. If you have the power of hope, nobody’s opinions, criticisms or views can ever dictate the relationship between YOU and SUCCESS! We need to learn not to give up so easily and develop this mindset of “Oh! I didn’t get it the first time but I KNOW if I keep trying, I can and I will get there in the end.” Hope is not just based on the end result (your goal) but the person and skills you develop along the way which have consequently made you a stronger and better individual; Hope, allows you to develop endurance, to endure through the criticism, hardships and barriers which life may throw at you; Belief- the power to know that you are capable of anything you set your mind to and that you are worthy, worthy to be loved; and most importantly perseverance- the tenacity to keep going, to keep fighting, trying even when failure seems so close but also concluding that success is even closer!

Hope is like an inhaler, it enables us to breathe through the barriers and hurdles which life may throw at us and not to use them as instruments of negativity but as a way of helping us to learn from our mistakes, grow as individuals and pick ourselves up off the ground and to keep trying because with hope, perseverance and time your dreams and goals WILL become a reality. Michelle Obama, spoke about the vitality of hope, she spoke about what we can possibly have without hope? In terms of calamity and crisis instead of turning into a hurricane of panic and fear, hope gives you a more pragmatic approach out of the long and dark tunnel. Some people may find some things hard in life but will also find some things easy. We all have our weaknesses but will also have certain aspects of life that we will undeniably shine at. The important thing in life is that you should embrace your weaknesses, not use them as barriers of discouragement but as a way of making you stronger. Always think that you can never get worse at anything, you can only get better. Thanks to the powers of hope, determination and faith we have the power to overcome these weaknesses and transform them into a great challenge which with time, hope and perseverance we will definitely achieve!

If you don’t believe in what you are working towards, how can you possibly expect to achieve it. Anything is possible, the power is in your hands! So for those of you that are thinking about giving up or are tired of not achieving your goal the first time around, I will ask you to do one thing, have hope and belief in what you are doing because the most successful things in life aren’t done with simplicity or in a blink of an eye but take lots and lots of dedication, hope, faith and perseverance.

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