The INFJ Personality Type – Lucy Wong

Are you a tortured riddle of a person? Do carnations blossom at your fingertips? IS THE ISOLATED MOON A REFLECTION OF YOUR SOUL?

If you relate to the above questions, chances are – you might be an INFJ! Hooray! Just kidding. It’s nothing to celebrate, really.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator is an introspective, self-report personality test. In simpler words, you take the test yourself to see what personality you have (take the test here: The MBTI proposes 16 different personality types, including “INFJ” – supposedly the rarest one out of all the personality types, taking up only about 1% of the general population.

Below are 3 signature marks of an INFJ:


  1. You are inconsistent at verbal communication

Your conversations with people tend to be absurd, illogical, and incoherent. They don’t really ‘get’ what you’re talking about – and to be honest, neither do you. Half of what you say doesn’t actually belong in the conversation, but you say it anyway. However, written forms of self-expression do tend to be easier for you. You also like to describe things in a poetic way because everything in this world is a metaphor for you. You voice your thoughts in abstract terms. Arguably, this is thought-stimulating, but people don’t understand why you have to give them a major existential crisis every time you talk to them. Are you quirky with offbeat thinking? Or are you just plain strange? Who knows. That all depends on interpretation.


2. You are just inconsistent in general – a walking paradox

You can be very hot and cold. Sometimes you’re overwhelmingly loud and extroverted, but other times people don’t even notice you’re present. Your energy levels can plummet so that you are forced to suddenly withdraw as a form of escapism and people can mistake this as being “bi-polar”. And no, you’re not bi-polar, but you are very confused.


3. You’re hypersensitive and overemotional

You usually overthink and your excessively vivid imagination kicks into overdrive. Ever done something embarrassing? Well, carry on brooding over it because it’s only been 5 years so everyone else must be still thinking about it as well. Occasionally you take things at face-value, but most of the time – these is a hidden meaning and possibility to everything.


Lastly, you like to use some very deep quotes, pseudo-intellectual nonsense such as: “I see humans, but no humanity.” whether this is plagiarism or free use of artistic license is debatable…

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