Top Trump Tweets – The Editor

Donald Trump’s twitter account has once again been an arena of controversy this week. This time it wasn’t an actual tweet in the news, but a re-tweet of Islamophobic videos made by the extremist political group ‘Britain First’. This calls into question both Trump’s judgement and his intellect.

During the American presidential campaign, Trump announced – in the third person – that ‘Donald J Trump would put an immediate block on Muslims entering the country’. Although this has proved legally impossible, Trump has tried to act on his simplistic, divisive and flawed view of the world – with inhumane consequences.

As he continues to foster hateful rhetoric, it has been incumbent on other world leaders to condemn his behaviour. Perhaps belatedly, Theresa May expressed her disapproval – rather equivocally – of this most recent twitter idiocy. Many feel she hasn’t gone far enough in merely saying that Trump’s re-tweet was ‘the wrong thing to do.’ She hasn’t spelled out any particular consequence, something that clearly aggravates a number of Labour MPs, a number of whom have called for Trump not only to be denied a state visit to Britain, but to be arrested for inciting religious hatred if he enters the country.

While I don’t have the patience to scan through more than a week’s worth of Trump lunatic drivel (he tweets incredibly frequently for a busy president), I have compiled a highlights package of the last seven days. I feel it gives a flavour of his moronic, maniacal arrogance.


Because division doesn’t exacerbate mistrust and hostility, right?



If you have to blow your own trumpet, it may not be worth blowing.



The retort to May’s condemnation. Nothing like picking on a friend you’ve forced into an impossible political dilemma. And naturally the US has no problems with terrorists or, for that matter, random mass violence from other arms-bearing citizens.



‘Little Rocket Man’. It beggars belief, it really does.



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