Poetry – Savannah Collis

This poem is about all the unseen wrongs in society; it highlights the fact that all over the world we are restricted by things because we may offend others (etc), and this poem emphasises the fact that this is wrong and that we should be free to do what we want with our bodies (tattoos, piercings, etc), and say what we want when we want – it is rather ironic if you think about it, considering you are reading this poem probably on some sort of device (not necessarily but it’s a possibility) and this device you are on now has trapped you from the outside world and you haven’t even realised. The point of this poem is to really enhance and highlight how trapped and restricted we are in society. – S. Collis


I hold back my tongue
For I know not how to conduct it carefully
A simple slur even if no ill will be meant
And I am to be given a forsaken punishment
A prison is my mouth and held captive are my words
A flask is my eyes containing the burning alcohol which is my tears
A canvas is my body or so I am told, but is one really free to express oneself?
A tool are my hands I shall use them wisely
A compass is my mind, able to guide me

Trapped behind the unbreakable bars of society
All under control of whomever is in charge
Blinded by greed, money and power
Deafened by hate, jealousy and anger
Mute to the injustice and evil of the earth
All zombified by politics
We are burdened by what we can and cannot say
Never to cast off the shackles of society

Trapped in a straight jacket of rules
Fallen into a lions den of commands
A self-made trap we have all walked into
Clenched hands worthy of everything but capable of nothing
Blank is the notebook once filled with ideas
Full is the rule book once free of use
I say burn these books and engrave our names on the pure slate
we shall inscribe our souls upon our hands
With the innocent ink we are told to right wrong
From left to right, in blue or black ink
But no, I will scribble a rainbow and type a spectrum of colour

Let my mouth be a word bank
Let me empty my tear-filled flask
If my body is a canvas then lend me your brush
And I shall paint my story
Let my hands be the tools I am allowed to use
My mind is MY compass let it guide me anywhere
I implore you dismiss the spell cast by man
And paint your canvas
Here take my brush

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