Right-wing political parties are on the rise… a lot closer to home – Adam Smith

Social tensions are rising across the western world and Europe in particular and, as winter develops, shivers are being felt down the spines of many politicians.

Right wing politics has always been associated with pariah states: the DPRK (that’s North Korea for those of you not involved in Ms. Routledge’s MUN Monday’s) and in Europe we all thought that that the Fascism far right views of some countries of the 1930s had been buried and the tombstone carved, but the grave is rumbling.

We have all known of UKIP, you know, the party that wanted us to leave the European Union, which has now succeeded, so the party is pretty much irrelevant now. UKIP started 23 years ago and quickly accelerated into the UK’s 3rd biggest political party. This same trend has been recorded in Germany and most alarmingly France’s right wing party are in the running for election and the polls predict them to win (but the polls hasn’t been very trusty in the past with the referendum and Clinton… but I digress). The fact is that in the western world right wing parties are on the rise and there is mainly one factor accountable for the public’s urge to be a little reckless with their vote. Economics.

The fact of the matter is that centre and left wing parties have been unable to cope with financial difficulties and unable to cope when global shockwaves are felt, look at 2008 for example. But another major factor majorly prominent in Europe and our friends over the pond is immigration. “Build a wall” in Trump’sAmerican accent is a phrase tossed around a lot and coupled with his other views, which has never openly been said by a man running for president got him a new house.  Part of the appeal of these politicians and parties are that they are campaigning for change and not just cohering with the typical, conservative views. They will openly say controversial things that to be honest a lot of us do agree with/want (now many of you are probably thinking that I am racist and woman hating or whatever the stereotypes tossed around with Donald J Trump, I’m not, I don’t support the man, if it was up to me Ken Bone would be president) but these right wing parties are on the rise because they offer the public change, and because of the nature of our species we are never truly happy, always seeking change.

Right wing parties has been around for centuries, mostly taking advantage of lower income LEDC nations to gain power and wealth, but over the last couple of decades we have seen right wing parties come back, some gaining power with lethal consequences but more recently parties that in a sense offer a sense of nationalism to countries. With Austria voting for a party that promises to reduce immigration and make Austria great again, bringing back jobs. Us brits have a huge sense of national pride and up keeping that is vitally important, which is a large reason we voted to leave the EU, to stop merging with other European countries and go in our own direction.

Right wing groups such as Islamic State and al-Qaida have been around in our headlines now for the atrocities they enact. These extremist, far right groups trying to spread their version of Islam around the world have attracted followers (terrorists) on false hopes, though I’m not comparing these groups to the horrors of society but many of the parties sprouting up are giving promises that realistically can’t be achieved, although Trump insists they will grow tall.

Right wing parties provide a little bit of recklessness to our orderly lives in the developed world, and voting right almost feels a little bit rebellious for us. Providing some excitement in the bleakest of grey areas. Politics. And that has certainly been true with Trump. President Trump now.

So to sum up, right wing parties and ideologies are on the rise, and it looks hard to stop them.

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