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The Bubble’s entertainment guide- Savannah Collis

You didn’t think that was the last of the entertainment guide, did you? We’re back with

What is the significance of ‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version)’? – Rosy Fitch

On April 9th 2021, the American singer/ song writer Taylor Swift released a new version of her

The Creationary Corner – Issue #3 (The Empress)

Welcome back to this weeks (usually weekly) issue of the creationary corner. In this weeks issue

The Creationary Corner – Issue #2 (The Return)

Welcome back once again to the creationary corner, where all creative spirits are welcome to express

“Waiting” – A Short Story by Yvonne De Villiers

“It’s across the sea. But you can’t fly there or take a boat. Oh no, to

Fantastic Scarves and How to Fold Them – Oli Hurley

What is this? An article on scarves? Just after the Spring Equinox? Well yes, scarves aren’t

Sculptures for Days (Classics Trip to Cambridge) – Oli Hurley

On Monday the 13th of March four intrepid explores of the academic field of A level

A House Shout of Ice and Fire – Oliver Hurley

Only two days to go, two days of constant rehearsal, frantic singing and extreme rivalry over

Men in ‘skirts’, an insight into Scottish National Dress – Adam Warren

A historic piece of clothing which has stood the test of time – Tartan With Nelson

Cabaret – An Inside Review

From the very start we knew that performing Cabaret as the school play was going to