BRITS Wear or Tear – Jaz Skingle

Dua Lipa: 10/10  Stunning! I am loving the Amy Winehouse vibes from this. The colour, the

It’s okay not to be okay! – Savannah Collis

Monday 10th to Sunday 16th is mental health awareness week, a time to reflect on our mental health,

The male gaze: You will never view films the same! – Rosy F

Last term, there was a Studd Society event, where Beauty and the Beast was analysed from

Meet the editors pt 1

As another academic year comes to a close the bubble loses its amazing editors. However, this

We all wear masks – Jaz Skingle

I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase ‘We all wear masks, metaphorically speaking’ from Jim Carrey’s

The Death of PSCO Julia James – Megan B

On the 27th April, Julia James, a Police Support Community Officer (PSCO) aged 53 was found

The Bubble’s entertainment guide- Savannah Collis

You didn’t think that was the last of the entertainment guide, did you? We’re back with

Is there still hope for Year 12 and their A-Levels?- Megan B

Thankfully, the year 12 exams are done and dusted despite the stress of potential resits becoming

What is really going on in India? – Lucy Dixon

“It can be said with pride, India … defeated COVID-19 under the able, sensible, committed and visionary

Dalian Atkinson; tragic murder and evidence for why we have more work to do on race equality- Savannah Collis

On August 15th, 2016, former Aston Villa star Dalian Atkinson was murdered by two police officers