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Musings from a peninsula

Joining the Bubble is Easy

Simply email your favourite editor, or, failing that, Mr Hodson or Miss Taylor-Payne, and let’s discuss what you want to share with the school.

International displays of mourning – Izzy Scragg

With the passing of our beloved Queen last week, we have mourned as a school community and as a country. However, the death of our monarch has not only been felt in our nation,but abroad. Elizabeth II played a significant role in her 70 years of reign living through the most crucial moments of our…
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Love Island: What you have missed – Izzy S

It’s summer which means one thing…Love Island. Most of us have gotten into the habit of tuning into ITV2 at 9 to watch the drama unravel and I have to say season 8 of the show has been interesting to say the least. In case you don’t know what Love Island is it is a…
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Meet the Prefects – Max A

It is that time of the year when once again we must say goodbye to our beloved year 13 prefects. But while I will leave the goodbye article to one of my fellow writers, it is my job to show the positive side of the equation, NEW PREFECTS! For all those paying attention, the prefect…
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Blood of the North. My fantasy novel – Max A

As I alluded to frequently in my previous article, I have been writing a novel since around September. Although that was when I first put fingers to keyboard, the idea had been rattling around in my head for much longer, almost a year in the works. Although I do not expect my book to be…
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Allergic To Summer – Harriet George

The season of sneezing, watering eyes (that make it look like you have been crying) and headaches have begun for what is thought to be almost 10 million people in England, of all ages. This equates to almost one in four adults and 1 in 10 children of the population and what is causing that?…
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Has the rise in nationalism impacted globalisation? – Ayoola O

When I look at Politics, it is very hard to look at national news stories in isolation. Nowadays the word ‘International Relations’ has become even more prevalent in our societies today where all events are played out on a global stage. In times of recent national conflicts and humanitarian crises, buzz words such as global…
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Stuck with Boris… for now – Freddie C

Unless you live underground (or simply don’t care about politics), then you would be aware that on Monday a vote of confidence took place in the House of Commons with regards to Boris Johnson’s Leadership. All 359 Conservative MPs took part in this vote, of which 211 voted in support of our Prime Minister. 180…
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England are back, hopefully – Will S

Just under a week ago today, England began their second test match of the series against New Zealand. At Lords the week before, we had triumphed over the Kiwis getting our second test match win in 17 games. It cannot be said strongly enough how we have suffered over the last year or so and…
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