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7 highlights of the RHS election debate – Giles Lennox

Last Thursday, the 5 candidates for the RHS election took part in a fierce -and sometimes

The RHS Hustings – Giles Lennox

Seven Things we learnt from the RHS Hustings Labour’s manifesto sounds vaguely similar to their previous

Hockey and More Hockey – Frankie Stenning

It started on 14th September. The RHS first team played against Framingham College. Sadly it was

Grades: The Be All and End All? – Olivia King

Many of you will have just finished exams or will be seeing the back of them

Chapel Talk – Señor Encinas

I love RHS. I love it so much that I have spent the last 16 years

An argument against cryptocurrency – Alfie Christopher

The crypto currency market is a “collection of concepts and technologies that form the basis of

Why I want to be a housewife – Libby Ahlers-Diver

Why I want to be a housewife- a feminist point of view Ladies and gentlemen, my

Why I AM a feminist – Editor

  Feminism is a movement which has the struggle for equality at its core. To suggest

Who are you deciding to be? – Megan Butler

There’s a topic that’s been close to my heart for a few years now and it’s

Alumni Interviews – Richard White (Nelson Leaver 2006)

1.       What did you learn the most from whilst being at RHS? To be quietly confident in