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PSHE Book Reviews – Various

First things first, this is my favourite book. Ever. And I feel qualified to start a

The iPad: friend or foe? – Serena Brown

RHS; a school with a great history, where every now and then we put on no.1’s and

She’s having kittens, Part 2 – Mrs Kemsley

(Kitten bedroom. On my knees. Knees covered in warm kitten milk.) Me: Read it again. What

The RHS Disco – Tom Heley tells us how it is…

The school disco, the closest an RHS student gets to a night out in a club

Why I’m doing the Great East Swim… again – Charlotte Heley

Once again the Great East Swim has come around. The majority of RHSians are already aware

How much I hated French… en Espanol! – Mrs Wilby (with exciting pics)

Imagínate tú! Yo de niña con un acento de Norfolk fuertísimo (como si el acento de

‘Gothic Cinderella’ – a short story by Helli Carter

This tale of the beautiful serving girl, Cinderella is not like the magical fantasy you may

Pabla’s Picks

These photographs showcase some of the gloriously imaginative, technically accomplished work being done in the RHS Art

‘Pigs Gone Wild’ – Sophie Atkinson

This year St Elizabeth’s Hospice has teamed up with Wild in Art to create Suffolk’s largest

She’s having kittens: Part 1 – Mrs Kemsley

In the back of Miss Izod’s car, 30km south of Paris, on the phone. Me: She’s