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The return to school from an A level perspective- Jessie Jordan

As you full well know by the ‘silence! Exams in process’ signs outside the assembly hall,

‘Not All Men’- Mrs Wilcock

Life can be difficult in so many ways, and it is important that we all have

Lockdown Confessions with the Headmaster and Year 10 – Ellie Hewes

Join us for another week of Lockdown Confessions. I will start us off… These confessions were

‘This Week I’- your favourite books!- Freya H-S and Jessie Jordan

We hope you have all taken the time this week to enjoy reading – perhaps some

Children’s Mental Health Week- Maddy Edmondson

This week is Children’s Mental Health Week so this is where I thought I would base

Lockdown Confessions with the Second Master and Year 12 – Ellie Hewes

Join us for another week of Lockdown Confessions! This week we have Mr Dixon and two

The Camera Controversy – Ellie Hewes

Many people at RHS are reluctant to turn their cameras on, despite the fact that it

What are Year 11’s Lockdown Confessions? – Ellie Hewes

Join us for another week of lockdown confessions!! This week we have four year 11 pupils

Exams 2021 – Frankie Stenning

This year the 2021 exam cohort have seen disruption to their learning and exams. Hopefully this

Write for Rights 2020: What can you do? – Izzy Scragg

Around this time every year the annual Write for Rights event happens at school . So