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Musings from a peninsula

Joining the Bubble is Easy

Simply email your favourite editor, or, failing that, Mr Hodson or Miss Taylor-Payne, and let’s discuss what you want to share with the school.

Year 13 Bubble Editors – Annabel M

Meet our editors! Izzy Scragg Hi I’m Izzy. The highlight of my RHS journey so far has been getting bubble colours ofc, I take History, English Lit and Psychology for my A levels and want to become a diplomat when I’m older. My icon is Emma Chamberlin as she is so cool!! Most of my…
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Nelsons Fav Cafe Drinks – Izzy Scragg

The new Heritage Café opened last Wednesday, and Year 13 were the first to experience the highly anticipated café. I asked around Nelson to see which drinks seem to be the favourites.  For me, my personal favourite drink would be the Chai Latte. The café’s Chai Latte has the perfect milk to Chai ratio not…
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Bachelor Finale – Gen A-Badu

Previously on the Bachlor… The 5 Bachlorettes met Leo on Wallis Green. Rosy stormed off during their date; Matilda was basically talking to a brick wall; there was no spark between Leo and Rachael; Gabby and Leo turned into tomatoes; and Lucy and Leo reminisced on the past.  Matilda started a rumour preventing me from…
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What’s the best Christmas song? – Nelson thoughts

Just like the movie article, I asked Nelson what the best Christmas song is, here is what I found: Fairytale of New York – The Pogues “I just do” “I just feel I can belt it out at the top of my lungs” Feliz Navidad – José Feliciano “It annoys everyone and its catchy as…
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Whats the best Christmas movie? – Nelson thoughts

On a quest to find the best Christmas movie, I ventured around the very festive Nelson house to ask my fellow year 13’s what the best Christmas movie. Interesting ideas and suggestions were discovered and I can’t tell if its informative or not but either way…enjoy! Love Actually “It’s nice and happy” “Colin Firth” “I…
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Movember – Gen A-B

What is Movember? Movember is an annual charity event which encourages people to grow a moustache during the month of November to raise awareness of men’s health issues, such as male-specific cancers and men’s suicide.  The charity’s origins?  In 2004, Justin (JC) Coughlin, Luke Slattery, Adam and Justine Garone inspired 26 other friends to grow…
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The Reality of being a Black Woman. – Gen A-B & Rachael I

Through the ages, Black women have had to deal with so much. Although it may seem like our lives are easier now, there are still a lot of issues that we have to deal with.  During the slave trade, all black people were mistreated but within this, there were differing degrees of severity. These weren’t…
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No, It’s Not Covid – Noah A

The return to school; dreaded by many, savoured by some. The excitement of new classes, peers, teachers and, notably this year, the return to some form of normality. All of which is shadowed by the looming mountain of prep, revision and never-ending lessons which quickly dampen the initial rush of being back with your friends…
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How to get involved with the Bubble – Savannah Collis

The Bubble is a great space for pupils and staff to share their ideas on current affairs, the latest school gossip or find out what type of chocolate you are. It’s really easy to get involved with the bubble whether thats by being an avid reader or contributing to it. Writing for the Bubble: If…
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