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From Chemtrails to the BBC; 3 ways the government is controlling your mind* – Noah A

Two turbulent years of lockdowns, suffering and the rise of apps such as “Zoom” and “Teams”

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It’s hard to scroll through your phone at the moment without seeing something about Kim Kardashian

Wordle; taking over the world, one letter at a time – Rosy F

Wordle is an online word game, developed by Josh Wardle, that has recently gained a lot

Sappho and being queer – Matilda L

“You may forget but let me tell you this: someone in some future time will think

The admiral Duncan bombing – Ginny F

As you may know Britain is not free of large scale hate crimes towards members of the

Erasure of LGBTQ figures throughout history – Georgina L

Many iconic figures all throughout history that you may have learned about in lessons or just

LGBTQ+ History Month – Lex A

Why do we need to celebrate LGBTQ+ History? Why is it so important? Well, with an

Bachelor Finale – Gen A-Badu

Previously on the Bachlor… The 5 Bachlorettes met Leo on Wallis Green. Rosy stormed off during

Party at Number 10: BYO Lies – Rosy F

One of the biggest British controversies at the moment is the numerous illegal parties that were

‘Don’t Look Up’ – satire or a warning? the breakdown we all need – Rosy F

Although it is a new movie, ‘Don’t Look Up’ has already got lots of people talking