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Joining the Bubble is Easy

Simply email your favourite editor, or, failing that, Mr Hodson or Miss Taylor-Payne, and let’s discuss what you want to share with the school.

Nelsons Fav Cafe Drinks – Izzy Scragg

The new Heritage Café opened last Wednesday, and Year 13 were the first to experience the highly anticipated café. I asked around Nelson to see which drinks seem to be the favourites.  For me, my personal favourite drink would be the Chai Latte. The café’s Chai Latte has the perfect milk to Chai ratio not…
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2022 or the 1950’s: The future of human rights looks suspiciously like the past – Jaz W

As a seventeen-year-old I have been alive for Brexit, Donald Trump’s presidency, an ongoing climate crisis, refugee crisis’s (yes, plural), wearing a hijab being banned for under 18’s in France, the threat of war and the actuality of war, famines in Yemen, bombings in Syria, the BLM movement, the MeToo movement.  The list could go…
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What can be done to mitigate the cost of living crisis? – Freddie C

The cost of living crisis is a phrase that has been mentioned quite frequently in politics recently, but what does it mean and what is it referring to?  In short, it is what it says on the tin, people can’t afford to live comfortably at the moment, and this is a consequence of the high…
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International displays of mourning – Izzy Scragg

With the passing of our beloved Queen last week, we have mourned as a school community and as a country. However, the death of our monarch has not only been felt in our nation,but abroad. Elizabeth II played a significant role in her 70 years of reign living through the most crucial moments of our…
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From Chemtrails to the BBC; 3 ways the government is controlling your mind* – Noah A

Two turbulent years of lockdowns, suffering and the rise of apps such as “Zoom” and “Teams” have made it easier than ever for the government to subliminally indoctrinate us into a false sense of security before they steal all of our data and create a hyper-realistic version of “The Sims” for the entertainment of the…
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Kim and Pete vs Kanye – what’s going on? – Savannah Collis

It’s hard to scroll through your phone at the moment without seeing something about Kim Kardashian or Kanye “Ye” West. So what’s actually going on (aside from the divorce)? Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson are currently dating and seem to be very happy. Their romance is speculated to have blossomed since Kim’s appearance on Saturday…
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Wordle; taking over the world, one letter at a time – Rosy F

Wordle is an online word game, developed by Josh Wardle, that has recently gained a lot of traction, with 3 million daily players. In this article I will take you through how to play the game, the best tips for success and recent controversies surrounding the game. How to play the game: Firstly, wordle gives…
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Sappho and being queer – Matilda L

“You may forget but let me tell you this: someone in some future time will think of us” – Sappho  To the LGBTQ+ community, Sappho is viewed as the ‘original lesbian’ and the term Sappho is often linked to words like lesbian or sapphic. However, a history of homophobia and specifically lesbophobia has resulted in her…
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The admiral Duncan bombing – Ginny F

As you may know Britain is not free of large scale hate crimes towards members of the LGBTQ+ community. But the worst in recent memory is the tragedy of the bombing of ‘The Admiral Duncan’ a gay pub in London’s Soho. It was an extremely violent act towards the LGBTQ+ community and is still a key eye…
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