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‘Artists of our time 1’ – Tabitha Saunders

In the first of a new, half-termly series, Tabitha Saunders is your guide to some of

PC du Toit – ‘QR’, a short story

Aaron Smith was usually a solitary man, he liked to keep to himself; relatively new to

‘Retribution: Death of a World’ – Joe Barraclough

Lightning clung to the spires of the metropolis, or appeared to. John Stoker didn’t much trust

Ser un artista: la nueva marca de locura – Charlotte Heley (and translators)

Ser un artista: la nueva marca de locura. ¿Cuál es la definición de ser un artista?

A Moonlit Walk – Mr Harvey

“The sky looks clear tonight, you can see the Milky Way.” He was right.  Looking up,

Visions of Malta, October 2015 – Oli Moore


‘Interaction’ – introducing Mr Harvey’s flash fiction…

“What do you reckon? Any good?” The words startled her out of her own little world.

PSHE Book Reviews – Various

First things first, this is my favourite book. Ever. And I feel qualified to start a

The Teen Whisperer, John Green – Zofia Moritz

He gets called many names: the teen whisperer, the voice of a generation, a teenager in

‘Another Gothic Cinderella’ – Mr Madge is inspired by Helli!

So this is not the magical fantasy you might expect. The one where the beautiful girl