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Call that a mullet? – Editor

Recently, I asked my hairdresser if he took a lot of mullet requests from the youth

Physics IS for Girls – Mrs Finley

“Girls see physics as for white men only” was a recent BBC news headline. When I

Staff as Children – Xmas pictures! Guess who…

Christmas ‘Dinner’ – The Rules

Mr Coleman’s take… Is it lunch or dinner?  I realise I am a contrarian, but no

‘My Worst Christmas’ – Staff Stories

Another year of restrictions on our Christmas celebrations has led to many of you, perhaps rather

EAL Mini Sagas – Mrs Hodson-Langer

Mini saga competition Recently Mr Coleman had the idea to challenge our EAL students to a

Staff Through the Keyhole Returns

Change needed – Savannah Collis

Sarah Everard. A name you definitely have heard in the news recently; another woman tragically murdered.

Through the Keyhole – Week 7

Last week, The Millingtons. The second time they’ve featured in this slot, but, to be fair,

Lord of the Vinegar Flies – Mr Hodson

Every person has his or her breaking point. Living la vida lockdown is a surefire way