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Musings from a peninsula

Speaking is an art, and in the classroom, communication is king – Mr Watson-Davis

Our new Head of History, Mr Watson-Davis, offers an insight into how teachers should talk to their pupils… What we say and how we say it can have a huge effect on the person or people we are talking to, especially when standing in front of a group of teenagers. What we often forget is that words…
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An insight into Mossad – Jamie Warren

Munich, 1972. The summer Olympics are in full swing. Nations from all around the world are present. Germany is conscious of the circumstances surrounding its previous hosting of the games, and is determined to portray itself to the world as a peaceful nation. Security is lax. At 4:30am on the 5th of September, 8 members…
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Rising ticket prices: WRONG – Giles Wilson

Match day. For millions of people across the country, it’s the biggest day of the week. There is something surreal about thousands of fans in the same attire moving through the streets, all united by a team of 11 players, swarming towards a stadium where hearts will burst, or be broken. Nothing comes close to…
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Turning the tide on media-driven body obsession – Imi Peterson

The digital age is thoroughly upon us: everybody has a smartphone, computer, tablet or something similar which enables us to be connected to each other at all times. Social media is arguably one of the biggest contributors to the issue of image-perception and self-presentation; specifically, social media depression caused by following other people’s lives and comparing…
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I’m not happy for Mr Vickers – Mr Hodson

Following Tottenham’s failure to defeat Chelsea last week, Leicester City are, inexplicably, Premier League Champions. To those unversed in such matters: Leicester started the season as 5000-1 underdogs for the title having only narrowly avoided relegation last season. And how the neutrals are rejoicing; West Brom boss Tony Pulis expressed satisfaction at being able to…
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What to make of Kim Jong Un and North Korea – Issy Williams

  Kim Jong Un and North Korea have been at the centre of political jokes in the past few years, but during the past few months, the level of humour associated with the country and its leader has been ramped up. A different take on Kim Kardashian’s recently launched ‘Kimoji’ app, some alternative “kimojis” have…
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