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What is really going on in India? – Lucy Dixon

“It can be said with pride, India … defeated COVID-19 under the able, sensible, committed and visionary

Dalian Atkinson; tragic murder and evidence for why we have more work to do on race equality- Savannah Collis

On August 15th, 2016, former Aston Villa star Dalian Atkinson was murdered by two police officers

New Welsh Player? A reflection on the peculiar Wales vs England match – Maddy Fitch

Last Saturday saw Wales beat England in their six nations meet, 40-24. The Roses were out

Predictions for the 4th Test: India vs England – Rosy Fitch

After the disastrous batting performance of England in the second test, many English fans will be

An Overview of the 2021 Australian Grand Slam – Ellie Hewes

As some of you may have realised, for the past two weeks, some of the finest

Netball is back! – Frankie Stenning

On 20th to 24th January the England Roses took part in a series of matches against

This Week I… Week 2 – A Run with a View- Freya H-S

With Storm Christoph inbound, it may seem like the safest bet is to stay inside and

This Week I… Week 1 Bakes- Freya H-S and Jessie Jordan

Here are some of the wonderful bakes we received last week, well done to all- We

Horror at the Grand Prix – Frankie Stenning

Driving is dangerous, let alone driving at speeds of around 130 mph. The dangers of it

5 Craziest things that Diego Maradona has ever done – Fin Keating

Diego Armando Maradona. Love him or hate him, he is arguably one of the greatest to