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A look into Kennedy’s assassination – Ellie Hewes

Over the weekend, I watched Oliver Stone’s 1991 film called ‘JFK’, which examines the events leading

Lockdown Pick-me-up- Savannah Collis

This is our third lockdown now; the second which prevents us from going to school, we

There’s A Vaccine! – Frankie Stenning

News has spread across the country of the possibility of a vaccine for the deadly COVID-19

A History of Hatred to Masks – Frankie Stenning

During the Spanish flu epidemic of 1918-1919, although the name of the virus is a misnomer

History this week – Frankie Stenning

This week commencing 28th September sees the recollection of some significant moments in history from across

Is History Pointless – Joel Sheldon

We often come across people (well I do) that say history is a complete waste of

Sculptures for Days (Classics Trip to Cambridge) – Oli Hurley

On Monday the 13th of March four intrepid explores of the academic field of A level

Northen Ireland’s Lack of Government (And why you should care) -Mr Johnson

On Tuesday 28th August 2018, Northern Ireland made world history. It had been 589 days since

Greek Riots – The Importance of cultural history

Sunday 20th January 2019 , for many a day of rest and recuperation, perhaps you went

Men in ‘skirts’, an insight into Scottish National Dress – Adam Warren

A historic piece of clothing which has stood the test of time – Tartan With Nelson